About Us

04 August 2019

We were students like you once, even it was our first year. We left our loved ones to receive education by separating from our house, friends and family. That''s why we created Dormita in line with the needs of university students.

We have designed everything for you to have a beautiful and fun university life, from the comfort of the beds, from the common areas to the cleaning of the student rooms, from your personal problems to security. Dormita will be your second home before I can say ''I miss my home''.

The university should be a place where you stay, not only where you can stay but also socially. For this reason, rmita offers a new generation of student life that makes students love living together but also feels special. With a team working for quality, technology, hotel style services, 24/7 Dormita''s happiness, students do not only feel at home in Dormita, but also enjoy a pleasant student life. We think that is why being Dormitali in Girne is accepted as a transfer

We have been working for Dormitali for 3 years for you to have an unforgettable student experience that you can both socialize and learn while living, from cake time, exam week suprise coffee, Christmas gifts to surprise events. We are working every day to serve Dormitali better and to make them happier. At the reception or in the back office, as a team, we ensure that our students live a comfortable student life and prepare for the best tomorrow.

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